As Birmingham seeks to revitalize our communities there are several issues that must be considered. First, we must utilize our resources to address dilapidated housing in our communities. The blight drives down property values making the properties prime for investors who have the resources to renovate the properties and sell at higher values that often drive existing community members of our their neighborhoods. Secondly, we must be mindful of our definition of affordable housing. These values can vary by community. Many of our neighborhoods are been gentrified under the guise of affordable housing because the affordability is defined by the city's standards and not by the community. Finally, it is important that we preserve the historical integrity of our neighborhoods while welcoming new residents.

As a part of our revitalization efforts, we will be looking at alternative methods of creating sustainable, affordable housing that will help renters become owners. Our goals include not only beautifying the exterior of the properties in our communities but also to instill a sense of pride in the residents so that they will maintain and improve the properties for years to come.